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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
Sondra Rule
Liberty University

Summary The author of this book Mark McMinn explains how psychology, theology, and spirituality can all be integrated into Christian counseling. He discusses the difference between the three overlapping principles. He wrote this book especially for Christian counselors, pastors, as well as students so that they may clearly understand the meaning of the three principles, allowing them to apply it to everyday problems. The main question this book poses to answer is, How does a Christian counselor integrate their faith into a counseling session in a way that can be beneficial to their clients. He discusses the
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I do drink occasionally but it is never something heavy and never more than one small glass. After ordering our drinks and food, I began to feel pressured by them because they were getting drunk and they wanted me to get drunk as well. I told them that I am not the same person I use to be, I will not let the devil control my life. After eating they wanted to take the party to the next level and start smoking. When I realized what was about to happen, I decided to remove myself from the equation before something happens I will regret. That experience taught me that I can still have my friends but we can’t hangout as much as we use too. It may be challenging but integrating my faith with my personal life can be done just as well as psychology, theology, and spirituality can be integrated into counseling.
This was a very well written book. It answers the question “How can a counselor integrate psychology, theology, and spirituality into their counseling sessions. The author discusses the importance of integrating spirituality into counseling, and steps to take in order to ensure its success. The author also stressed the value of prayer in and out a counseling session and how to introduce it as a part of the session to the client. This book brings up questions such as, How can psychology, theology, and spirituality truly be integrated into counseling sessions with non Christian counselors and Christian clients. If spirituality is


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