Legalization of medical marijuana at the federal law

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Why should marijuana be legalized? Marijuana can be argued for different reasons. In my case I will be arguing the medical purposes for legalizing marijuana. Marijuana has positive features, and how people prefer using marijuana. Marijuana helps individuals get through a variety of things that they suffer. Marijuana provides relief from pain, rather than other medications out there. Many individuals prefer marijuana over anything else to relax. An argument on why people using marijuana spend more time in jail than actual criminals. So you can say the greatest risk of using marijuana is the risk of arrest. Marijuana should be legalized at the federal law for medical purposes. Medical marijuana should be legalized at the federal law …show more content…
Even though it is illegal McClellan still uses marijuana to ease the spasms and pain. Minnesotans want marijuana to be legalized whether it is medical or recreational use. Before marijuana he would take 26 different pills a day but none of the pills were as effective as marijuana. ”It was drilled into my head when I was a kid that [marijuana was] bad, evil,” said McClellan. McClellan first tried it when he had a bad attack, he later told his neurologist and his neurologist was not surprised and told him if it helps do it. Many sick Minnesotans are not waiting for the poll so instead they keep smoking in till it is legalized. The support and disagreement on medical marijuana ranges across political lines.
Medical marijuana should be legalized at the federal law for medical purposes because most of New Yorkers favor using marijuana for medical uses. According to (Weaver , 2014), explains why New Yorkers want marijuana legalized. 4 out of 5 New Yorkers want marijuana legalized for medical uses, according to a poll from the Siena College Research Institute. The only problem is how to legalize it. Government Andrew Cuomo has a plan for medical marijuana. His plan is to use existing laws to allow hospitals to dispense the drug to see treatment. A third of voters favor Cuomo’s plan New Yorkers want to legalize medical marijuana but not the recreational use


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