Arc Inc. Consultant Case Analysis

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Arc, Inc.: A Consultant Case Analysis This paper is written in a perspective of business consultant analyzing the feasibility of a process engineering proposal concerning the introduction of a new line of silicon sensors and several proposed changes in the existing manufacturing process of the Silicon Sensors Assembly Room. Recommendations and alternatives regarding these two matters are also provided.

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In our case, workers’ satisfaction was the key factor in terms of generating internal motivation that drove high performance, and process specifications will be the external control that ensures the expected outcome. Only when these two factors work together, the team can function efficiently and effectively. Susan’s involvement in revising and finalizing process specifications would bring lens focusing on people so that the existing healthy working environment won’t be left out.
Second, we will discuss the plans for improving existing assembly processes. SSR has experienced production problems and poor yields. It has been a “hit or miss” operation with unpredictable process results, lack of consistency and a high rate of production rejects. The fact that production results have significantly improved within the past twelve months with changes in supervision and management provides evidence of further improvement potential, and this can be achieved by introducing stricter process control. Instead of the costly option of bringing in a

process technician to finalizing process specifications, Mr. Michonik and Susan can be in charge of the assignment. Perspectives from both frontline engineers and employees are critical in customizing the specifications. In the past, assembly workers have made material substitutions without appropriate authorization and most product design changes have been developed by workers themselves. Even though this


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