Gaming and Club Management

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250 WORDS ANWSERS FOR EACH QUESTION 1. According to Delfabbro (2009) games of chance can be classified across four dimensions. Explain one of these dimensions and identify a form of gambling at each extreme point of this dimension.
Delfabbro(2009) has mentioned that locational characteristics is also influences the nature of gambling activities such as whether they can play at home, alone, a groups, at casino, or can be on telephone and on internet. Besides, the locational characteristics of gambling play a significant role in people’s choice of gambling activity (Productivity Commission, 1999).
Different venue can also affect social relationships, and environmental air at the scene of gambling activities. Players prefer to engage
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(Van Hoff, H, Vallen G, McDonald M & Weiner, 2007)
Thus, through the report can see that gambling brings many benefits for players and people gamble because it is fun.
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Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Rina Gupta, 2004, Gambling Problems in Youth: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives, pp. 13.
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3. Using the history of gambling in the USA to describe the economic and social influences on the introduction and expansion of gambling.
According to Van Hoff, H, Vallen G, McDonald M & Weiner (2007), the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth in the United States. By 1998s, the gambling industry has emerged as "America's Newest Growth Industry" in casino and lotteries. (Kerry G. E. Chambers, 2011) Lotteries and gambling in casino was created by the government that have the purpose was to generate revenues for state government. The profits from lotteries are used for government to expansion the infrastructure, help the poor and invest for the business projects such as


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