What was the role of all colonial women

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During the colonial times in America, fight against the British, many people in the society played an important role in ensuring that their quest for freedom is achieved. The men were at the fore-front fighting against the colonialists. Some women to were part of the army that fought against the British. The women not only participated in the war, but also ensured that the men are very equipped for war through the various services that they provided. Everyone had a role to play, even the children.

1. What was the role of all colonial women (American, African American[slave and free black women], Native American), and how did their lives and activities transform during the Revolutionary period? Cite examples from the book.
In the
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The women participated in agriculture that ensured that the soldiers remained healthy and that the society itself ate very healthily.
The women during the time of war were also sent to spy on the enemies and most of them disguised themselves as prostitutes who had gone to satisfy the mens' sexual cravings.
As time continued, the women were given other roles in the army, that included: pilots and very handsome jobs at the army.

3: Which group sacrificed their values the most in order to change/assist colonial society? Cite examples from the book
Both the women and men in the society played a huge role in ensuring that they attain their liberty and freedom. But there are those people in that same society who sacrificed their values in order assist the colonial society.
Most of the people sacrificed their well being to see that the freedom of the society is got.
Many Native peoples, saw little to gain from aid to either side in the conflict. Some of the people were persuaded to join the British front by Sir William Johnson and they forewent their ethical stand and joined the army in colonizing the people.
As a result of the alliance with the British, the American soldiers burnt and completely destroyed the Native society towns, living many inhabitants displaced.

4. Which group of women sacrificed the least and clearly explain why. Cite examples from the book
The Cherokee women are the ones who had sacrificed most during this colonial times in order to attain


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