Political Violence

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Violence: 2
Violence in Politics: 2
1. Political violence in Pakistan: 3 1.1. Causes: 3 1.1.1. Inequality: 4 1.1.2. Illiteracy: 4 1.1.3. Social Injustice: 5 1.1.4. Poverty: 5 1.1.5. Intolerance: 6 1.1.6. Media: 6 1.2. Facts: 7 1.3. Trends of rising political violence in Pakistan: 8 1.4. Effects: 11 1.5. Remedies: 13
Conclusion: 14
References: 14


In society when one person thinks of violence, one usually thinks of individual acts of violence. These types of violence are the kinds of violence most people fear, which causes us to lock our doors at night. But this is not the only kind of violence we are faced with. In today’s society or the 21
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Plea of leniency was made by Hazrat Zaid (R.A) but Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) refused and said,” By God if my own daughter Fatima had committed theft, I would have cut her hands off.”


Figure 2

4 Poverty:

At the time of partition and independence in 1947, Pakistan inherited the most backward parts of South Asia with only one university, one Textile Mill and one Jute Factory. The country has made tremendous progress and its per Capita GNP remains very high in South Asia. But due to political drawbacks and wrong decisions made by politicians and policy makers the rate of Inflation in Pakistan is increasing day by day. As a result the country is running out of sources and its economy is going down.

When a nation runs out of sources it faces famine which eventually leads to poverty. Poverty causes discontentment in people which in the end leads to violence. Unemployment is another cause of poverty. Because of increase in population the rate of unemployment has also increased which thus causes poverty.

5 Intolerance:

Intolerance is another major issue of political violence in Pakistan. Government and opposition are pinpointing on each other badly as their patience barriers have been broken. This eventually leads to political restlessness in the state. Intolerance among organizations and different sectors is also creating political violence in the country. Thousands of cases are submitted each day on honor killing, typical


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