Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas

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Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas
Posthumous Conception Case
Grand Canyon University
By Isabel Tolento, RN
January 20, 2013

Ethical implications arise when a situation deals with principles of morality and resolution is neither right nor wrong. Because of the stress and emotion ethical dilemmas present us with; steps have been recognized to help work through determination. Although each and every situation is unique, a framework for problem resolution along with laws for ethical situations has taken effect.
In the ethical dilemma of Karen Capato and her posthumous conception twins born 18 months after her husband’s death, lives changing ethical questions are considered in the decision to award social
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The capability to produce a child with invitro fertilization leaves people at present with new ethical dilemmas and no clear answers. With science bringing new opportunity in technology, the challenge in applying ethical principles increases. When the social security act law originated in 1939, Congress had not anticipated the consideration for finely defining the requirement of a couple’s “child,” without the opportunity to alternatively reproduce. In this formerly unique case, the financial quality of a family’s life depended on the law. The Capato twin’s survivor benefit case was among 100 loosing cases brought by children of posthumous conception. It is feared that if the social security benefit for “survivors” applied to all posthumous conception cases, it could be less seen as a benefit for those who unexpectedly loose an income provider who they currently supported while alive. Posthumous conception may be perceived as a planned decision, therefore not eligible for a financial benefit.

The Capato family’s unforeseen financial predicament is accompanied by an emotional period as they mourn the death of a husband and father. Is it necessary for survivor social security eligibility for the couple’s biological children have to be an added trauma for the Capato’s and for others who have similarly elected posthumous conception? The correct answer to this question varies depending on an individual’s ethical and subjective perspective. Applying ethical


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