The American Grievances

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Ch. 7-10 Questions
1. Were all the American grievances really justified, or were the British actually being more reasonable than most Americans have traditionally believed?
The British were actually more reasonable than most Americans have traditionally believed. For example, the navigation laws, laws that regulated trade to and from the colonies, would be seen as an American grievance but were not really enforced by the British government until 1763, which allowed people to smuggle goods, “But the truth is that until 1763, the various navigation laws imposed no intolerable burden, mainly because there were only loosely enforced. Enterprising colonial merchants learned early to disregard or evade troublesome restrictions. Some of the
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These ideas are necessarily new because these ideas originate from John Locke and the social contract. Another old and traditional idea is that they sent George III a long list of his misdeeds. “He then sent forth a long list of the presumably tyrannous misdeeds of George the III. The overdrawn bill of indictment included imposing taxes without consent, dispensing with trial by jury, abolishing valued laws, established a military dictatorship, maintaining standing armies in peacetime, cutting off trade…”(145). King George III shows an continuous pattern of control throughout the colonies and using dictatorship on the colonies, causing the colonists (T. Jefferson) for a piece of the constitution to be about George III and his actions. The newer part of the constitution would be that “all men were created equal.” This statement doesn’t truly take full meaning during this time because this was not necessarily true/ or did not apply to all men/people. In the historical content this mainly applied to all the white men, however, this did not include the blacks or women. Eventually this will eventually apply to everyone, but not yet.
5. Was the military strategy or politics the key to America victory in the war? How did the two coincide?
Both military strategy and politics played a key role in the American victory. The political role in the war is with France. France has some beef


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