What Turned My life Around

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My Watershed Moment by Kurt Lopez
Brandman University
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
OLCU 615: Organization Development and Change
July 21, 2013

My Watershed Moment There are many memories that have happened in my life that are important to me. It is very hard to select one that has really changed or impacted my life as an individual. Considering I am just about half way through my illustrious life building a bank of historical memories that I would like to recall and some that I would like to erase for good. As I look back, I think the one event that really turned my life around was joining the Navy, 20 years later and I must
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As boot camp went on I found myself becoming more mature and dependable within my unit. I was designated master at arms by the company commanders, this was the first time I have ever been in charge of anything and I was proud of myself the accomplishments that I have achieved so far. 4. Disenchantment: Starting with the first day of boot camp is when I believe I encountered disenchantment. “The disenchantment experience is the signal that the time has come to look below the surface of what has been thought to be so” (Bridges, 2004, p. 121). As I lay in my bunk, my mind would race about my family, friends, and significant others. I knew my family would want what was best for me but I did not know if that was the case for my friends. I would always wonder if my friends would be there for me if I ever needed them in time of need. As for my significant other, was she truly going to wait for me while I was trying to make my life better? At that point I had to get them out of my mind in order to make my experience in boot camp the best it can be. I knew if I was preoccupied by the thoughts of untrustworthy friends back home my training and experience in boot camp would be a wasteful 8 weeks of


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