Biography of James Brown

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The Godfather of Soul
January 26, 2005

Introduction We will look into the life of James Brown. He is known for his music. In his life, he had to face many obstacles, but through determination, he changed his life cycle. We will touch on the influences in his life, developmental stage and theories that best fit his personality. James Brown was born on May 3, 1933, in South Carolina. He lived a life without parental guidance. His mother left him with his father when he was only 4 years old. James was often left alone while his father traveled to turpentine camps selling tar for a living. James recalls the times he spent alone walking around in the woods looking for doodlebugs, and playing a harmonic his father gave him.
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To have a better understanding to what an extrovert is a person who is out-going versus the introvert, who is a shy and quiet person. Personality tests are usually done to determine someone's personality. Freud's theory looks into the conscious mind and the unconscious. "The conscious mind is what you are aware of at any particular moment, your present perceptions, memories, thoughts, fantasies, feeling, what have you" (Boeree, 1997, p. 3). On the, other hand, the unconscious "includes all the things that are not easily available to awareness, including many things that have their origins there, such as our drives or instincts, and things that are put there because we can't bear to look at them, such as the memories and emotions associated with trauma" (p. 3).
However, Freud's studies go further into id, the ego, and the superego. C. George Boeree (1997) refers to Freud's information about the important part of the organism, which is the nervous system. The nervous system translates the needs of the organism into instincts or drives. Looking further into ego, it "functions according to the reality principle" the need must be taken care of soon (p. 5). The ego often struggles with the id due to the obstacles we face in the world. On the, other hand, our ego will help us in attaining our goals. In a child's mind, they remember rewards and punishments received by mom and dad. Children will


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