What Is the Rational of Planning for Development in Developing Countries

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what is the rationale for development planning in developing countries? by Vincent Siwawa on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 6:48pm ·

Among the various purposes oor reasons for developmemt planning in

developing countries include, market failures, foriegn aid, resource

mobilisationand allocation, attittudianl or psychological impact, the

need to get direction, to measure progress, nation building through

public participation, to avoid conflicts and prevent resource from

being wasted and intergration of markets. Thirwall (1999) and Dubell

(1981) agrees that planning is used as an instrument by which

development is accellerated. Development planning is the progreess

procedure , that is intended to be followed step by step in a
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Thirwall (1999) notes that foriegn aid act as a

catalystfor forign investments and loans from international

institutions.generally development planning promotes develoiping

nations to attain forign aid from U.S.A, Canada and other developed

countries. todaro (1994) argues that donors are persuaded in telling

them that their money willbe used as an essential ingredient in a well

conceived and internally consistent plan of action. futher morethe

formulation of a detailed development plan is necessary for a receipt

of bilateral and multilateral foreign aid. Thus the rationale for

development planning in developing nations is to attract foreign aid.

Planning prepares for research from other developed countries. Dubell

(1981) says planning is related to problem solving. Developing

nations should be in a position toresearch adequately on how other

developed countries progressed and techniques they used in order to

develop. Hutt et al (2005) suggest that planners should consider

their firm or country's strength, weaknesses, opportunities and

threats for its continued operations. Thirwall (19990 comments that

research provides some knowledge of what resources would be available

in relation to requirements within a stipulated period. Thus

development planning is important.

Moreover, planning for development provides direction to leaders and

followers to know where they are headed and where they are


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