Wallmart Sustainability Report Analysis

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Walmart Report

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March 25, 2011

Nowadays when talking about Walmart we are referring to one of the biggest and successful companies worldwide. When talking about Walmart we don’t just think about a supply chain of stores that are located in every continent, but a store that a consumer can purchase all kind of unimaginable goods.

Walmart isn’t just a company that offers different sorts of products (food, clothing, tools, furniture, etc.), it is a huge company with more than 8,400 stores in 15 different countries and is also the source of work for more than 2
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Walmart gives them the correct training so that they would be able to affront with success the difficulties that they may be involved in their duties, by giving them the tools to develop their skills. This will demonstrate to the company what their capacities are for future growth. (Walmart Sustainability Report, 2010, p.28)

Walmart also offers their Associates an affordable health benefit program for them and their families, that help the staff to work more calmly and effective knowing that they count with support in that area. (Walmart Sustainability Report, 2010, p.28)

For all these efforts of the company through their workers I believe that Walmart staff should be proud of working in a company that values the quality of life for its employees so they should be able to develop the values that the company has their core values based on.

Task 2

1.-Create a table such as the one below and enumerate tow internal and tow external Walmart stakeholders that are addressed by the report. As you enumerate the internal and external stakeholders, illustrate what Walmart asks from that stakeholder as a contribution and what Walmart.

|Identify Stakeholder |Why is this stakeholder |Example of contribution from the |Example of inducement from the report |
| |important? |report | |
|Internal Stakeholders |