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TERM PAPER: “women should be given a chance to become a leader”
The purpose of this paper is to argue with orthodox statement that saying men is meant to be a leader and to prove that women also have the ability to be a leader instead of men. As part of that, it is obviously show that the deeds of women have not always been acknowledged as it's because, most societies have been patriarchal. According to Oxforddictionaries.com, patriarchal means “relating to or denoting a system of society or government controlled by men”. Until the twentieth century, women didn't have many choices for what they could do with their lives (Heather Ball 2007). However, as the time past and half of the world's population are
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In the mean time, the percentages of women civil servants in Malaysia are also greater than men. According to www.pmr.penerangan.gov.my, there are 70% of women civil servants in the education sector itself.

Outside of the Malaysian perspective, there are also a number of women who become the Head of Government on several countries. For instance, the Prime Minister of Australia and the State Secretary of United States of America. The first example is the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Eileen Gillard, the 27th and was the current Prime Minister of Australia. Gillard was elected at the 1998 federal election to the House of Representatives seat of Lalor, Victoria for the Australian Labor Party. Following the 2001 federal election, Gillard was elected to the shadow cabinet with the portfolios of Population and Immigration. The Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs and the Health portfolios were added in 2003. In December 2006, Kevin Rudd was elected Labor leader and Leader of the Opposition, with Gillard as deputy leader. Gillard became the Deputy Prime Minister upon Labor's victory in the 2007 federal election,


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