Company X Problem Analysis

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Company X Problem Analysis Through extensive analysis from the customer satisfaction surveys, and research from the satisfaction task force, Company X found three major problems areas. The company's programs reflect poor quality, the development times are taking longer than the projected due dates and a small portion of employees are discrediting the company name and values. Each of these problems has contributed to the main problem; the increasing rate at which Company X is losing customers and revenue.
Defining problem and goals Customers do not want to buy a product that is defective. Through thorough analysis, Company X has attributed the poor quality of its programs as a reason why customers are dissatisfied and
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Without a concrete set of guidelines and a specific project plan with deliverables and milestones throughout the project, they are setting themselves up for failure. The management team is responsible for the development of processes and procedures, which they have failed at this point. Some of the other causes and influences on the problem at hand involve human nature. If employees are not held accountable for their actions, they are likely to perform the least amount of work required to remain employed. This lack of motivation stems from the absence of clear guidelines and expectations for the staff. This also impacts the level of professionalism that the staff shows towards the customer.
Effects on the company and alternative solutions The loss of company profits is the result of poor quality, untimely delivery of product, lack of knowledge, poor communication and personnel issues. If Company X continues down their current path without making changes, the effects on the company are likely to result in their organization going out of business. This will have a negative effect on all of the employees and their families as well. The investors who bought stock in Company X also stand to lose substantial earnings in exchange for losses should the business go under. To address these issues and turn the company around, solutions must be put in place. The issue of poor quality can be


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