Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper

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Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper
Leah Robertson
June 19, 2012

When thinking about vulnerable populations, individuals, and families there are so many different keys that affect what makes a person vulnerable. Being aware of the attitudes, stereotypes, demographics, and financial aspects that make a certain population or person vulnerable can be a valuable lesson in being a nurse. Using a population from episode one in the neighborhood I would like to identify why I felt this particular population was vulnerable and my perceptions before and after the research that I have done.
I feel that episode one had a good variety of different situations within one small area, starting with a predominantly white
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Using all of these options could prevent the family from falling apart, Clifford’s depression can get better managed and Gary will have a new independence.
There are so many different avenues each family can take to help better their lives from teen pregnancy centers, and mental health to homeless and living counsel. There seems to be a need for more of a sense of community throughout this neighborhood, so that other can understand that they are not alone and there are others that are dealing with many of the same problems. This can also lead to more people being able to take advantage of what is available. With the staff at the clinics and hospitals over worked and understaffed, it could also be a great way for people to be able to donate time to the community.
After looking into this neighborhood more I have found that its not just a white collar normal place, this is a community with great people that need direction and seem to have several stressors. Many single moms that need help in school and caring for their kids, to a family needing some time and independence. Every person is vulnerable in some way; it is our job to help them and direct people to look in the right place for help.

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