Personal Epistemology

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Personal Epistemology Paper

Yolonda Carney

September 10, 2012

SOCW-5304 Social Work Generalist Macro Practice

The University Texas Arlington

Prof. Jose Carbajal , LCSW

Personal Epistemology

What is Social work? In my opinion Social work is someone who seek to improve the quality of an individual or family life and well being.

What do Social
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My sister who is his grandmother raised him. But while raising him my sister didn’t have a solid foundation; or, should I say a stable home. She was going through things with her husband which eventually led to a divorce. My sister was a good grandmother who provided for him well but in my opinion, didn’t have enough discipline. He is 15 and has been in the news for robbing a pawn shop a month ago and was set free until trial, but while awaiting trial he did an armed robbery three weeks later and are now in jail and can’t get out. I believe that he was crying out for his mother’s love and did a lot of things for attention from his mother. Unfortunately the way he grew up without his mother and the bad genes helped him to become a bad person.

The reasons some people seek help, while others do not, is because as I discussed earlier they are told by someone who cares that can see what they cannot see that they need help, and self determination. The ones who don’t seek help may be for various reasons, it could be financial, religion, race, background, and fear of telling a stranger their private information.

What causes a person to change is certainty, which is our need for stability and predictability, success, which is our need to succeed, purpose,


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