Voices of Freedom Chapter 1-4

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Chapter One
*Pg. 3

1. According to Adam Smith the discovery and colonization of America affected the economic development by the increase of its enjoyments and augmentation. The surplus produce of America, imported into Europe, furnished the inhabitants of this great continent with a variety of commodities. 2. By uniting these countries they are also able to relieve one person’s wants and increase another’s enjoyments. They are also able to encourage on another’s industries, which is why Adam Smith believed the benefits outweighed the misfortunes.
*Pg. 6 1. Some of the things Morton admires in the life of the Native Indians includes; homes, trade relations, society, and religion. They were very generous amongst one
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He brought charges against her, stating she was teaching individuals that were not bound to follow church law. He said she had broken the 5th commandment by joining in the petition. 2. Anne Hutchinson being accused shows how much the Puritans ignored the real meaning of religious freedom, and instead they kept to their own thoughts and beliefs. This caused them to believe all others were wrong and committing a sin.

*Pg. 40 1. Roger Williams felt no one should be forced to follow any particular religious belief, however this did not lessen the requirement that all members of a community must obey the “masters and officers” in charge of civil matters. 2. The strength of comparing people abroad on a ship to society is showing how everyone on the ship is not forced to come to the ship’s prayers, which is how he feels society should work as well. However he also states the commander of the ship shall still have control of the course of the ship, as to masters and officers.

*Pg. 44 1. The Levellers believed that all men were created equal and had natural rights that resided in the individual, not depending on the government. They criticized that the laws made or to be made should be bound alike, we should treat the poor and the rich the same and equal. 2. The main rights the Levellers were aiming to protect were: right to for all people to vote for their representatives, right against self-incrimination, freedom of


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