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When ERIN is send to prison, where she is supposed to live for the rest of her life
She is impress on how different is from what she thought it would be
She is careful with people, because of what she lived while in jail
She had adopted a strategy of PSYCHOLOGICAL DENIAL in jail
603 years she faced with denial to settle into a new routine in that new world
She had reached a dead end: she is not going anywhere
She pretend to be well, a lifesaving lie that leads to her acceptance of her fate as a lifer jail looked more like a office park
Treated so well after she had to prove herself in jail she was deloused showered, and given three sets of the loose, baby blue scrubs that ear all unclassified inmates the nickname SMURF
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ore commitment

Violence behind bars
Not really violence in women´s prisons
Weapons are unknown
The case of CHERRY and MAYA: cause of issue was trouble in love
George recounts Fluvanna’s one real riot 10 years ago: tension between the ¨fed girls¨ and the ¨staties¨
Object of tension: a boo
Main riot takes place in the chow hall (cafeteria)
Bloody fight, total chaos
In prison fight there is some standard of morally acceptable actions
Cherry and Maya to get street charges
Erin has seen a few verbal altercations and no physical fights since moving to HONOR WING (a building in Fluvanna)
DIZZY: tells story about the riot in two separate but adjacent chow halls:
Fluvanna housed 200 women from the federal system in addition to the Virginia DOC
Two groups didn’t get alone
Conflict was: a boo, a federal prisoners was messing around with the girlfriend of a state girl
Example of stigmatization on page 58: ¨they were criminals just like the rests of us, just because you did your shit across state lines doesn´t mean you´re any better than me¨
How DIZZY deals with the situation: ¨you have to find the humor in it, though, you would go crazy if you didn´t, you have to find humor in everything here- I couldn´t do my time otherwise¨

Talks about shakedown that happen frequently
Sometimes there is fakedown, but they now occurred less often
How this two have an impact
Fakedown allow the women to clean out contraband
Women locked in their cells for days without showers


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