The End from the Begining

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The Article the end from the beginning re (de)finding Aboriginality written by Michael Dodson explores the notions on how Aboriginal people have been represented and perceived by the early settlers. Michael Dodson makes a critique on the language from previous historians. They Mention in the beginning that the Aboriginal people were seen as Noble savages from the prehistoric beasts, blood thirsty, cunning ferocious” that they even fell in the classification of blood types which gives an idea of an animal like classification, scientific based and based purely on Age and descent. ( Dodson, 2003: 19-20). Michael Dodson Argues the question as to how can the colonisers understand all the aspects of the indigenous people if they …show more content…

It must include right to inherit the collective identity of one people and to transform that identity creatively according to the self-defined aspirations of one’s people and one’s own generation. It must include the freedom to live outside the cage created by other peoples’ images and projections.” (Dodson, 2003:31). What Dodson trying to say in this is that Aboriginal people need to live outside the cage and to self- represent themselves also to resist the representations which are created by the colonial gaze in conjunction to support this argument Peter Little says that “whether one makes an Aboriginal story, person or issue Noble or savage in its representation , it is a way or another a Pendulum swing from one opposite side pole to another, neglecting all shades and perspectives in the course of Aboriginal self-representation. It denies opportunity for further honest and rigorous debate between others and us, and new ways of imagining and exploring ourselves” (Peter


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