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CHOOSE TWO out of the five Vignettes to write about.

Please review the following vignettes. Use your text and class notes as a reference to determine what theoretical approach can assist you in providing an explanation to the reasons why the following individuals have the coping mechanisms and behavior that they do. Identify all the major issues with each scenario. Define the interventions that can assist in each case. Are there any identifiable strengths with each case? Lastly point out any ethical issue s and standards that apply and what legal mandates need to be considered.

Vignette # 1 Janet, a 42-year-old accountant, presents for therapy on the advice of her husband. Janet states that for the past year
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However, she wants for her child to succeed and wants information on how to help her become prepared for school.
Vignette # 4
A single father, David, is raising his 13 year old daughter, Diana. David is assisted by his mother, Josephine, to assist in the care of his child. Josephine is 65 years old. Josephine currently sees a doctor for diabetes and high blood pressure, but beyond that she is good health. Josephine has at times become disoriented as to time, e.g. day of the week, time of day. David was diagnosed as a special needs student in elementary school. David did not finish high school. David only completed the 10th grade. David had been involved with gangs as a teen, and was apprehended by the police as a young father. As a result of David’s resistance to become detained, he acquired a severe head injury which has permanently disabled him. David is a recipient of Social Security Income and is unemployed. Diana has been described as being very angry and withdrawn in school. Many have described her as dressing in a very masculine manner. Diana is failing all her classes. Diana’s mother was also involved with gangs and drugs as a teen and possibly when she was pregnant. Diana’s mother left David and Diana when Diana was three to live with another man. Diana cooks, cleans, and assists her father in basic daily functions.
Vignette # 5
A single female, Christina, is raising her 13 year old daughter,


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