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Summer Reading Assignment Name: ____
10th Grade The House on Mango Street

Before returning to school next school year, you will need to read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and complete this assignment. This organizer is intended to guide your reading and focus your thoughts in preparation for the discussions, summer reading quiz and writing assignments you will engage in when you return in September.

By carefully completing this assignment over the summer, you will be prepared to discuss the story in the fall, to take a summer reading quiz and to write an in-class essay using your book and packet as the basis for your responses.

A TYPED hard copy of this packet must be submitted to
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Character #2 Name _______________Sally_________________________

Aspects Shared with Esperanza
Some aspects that Sally and Esperanza share is that they are both strong willed. They both want to move from mango street, and they both grew up and matured on their own,. Aspects Unique to this Character
Some aspects only unique to Sally is that Sally’s dad constantly beats her, Sally got married just to leave Mango Street, Sally also loves attention and love from boys.

Character #3 Name ____________Lucy____________________________

Aspects Shared with Esperanza
Some aspects that Esperanza shares with Lucy is that they both think friendship is worth five dollars, They enjoy trying on new things, They all like riding bikes. Aspects Unique to this Character
Some aspects unique with Lucy is that she has no problem with her name, unlike Esperanza. Lucy also takes more time to mature. Lucy also has a sister so she is not as separate to make friends like Esperanza is.


Mood is the emotional effect that a text creates for the audience, the way the reader feels when reading a work. It is the atmosphere that an author creates in a literary work with the intention of evoking a certain emotion or feeling from the reader. Mood may be created by a combination of such elements as setting, diction, figurative language, and syntax.

Examples of Some Mood Words



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