U.S. Prison System and Its Populations: Whites vs. Minorities

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U.S. Prison System and its Populations:
Whites vs. Minorities

Kent Johnson
Professor: Dr. J. Johnson
June 7, 2010
Table of Contents

General Statistics 3
Men vs. Women 4
Statistics: The Who and the Why 6
Black Judges vs. White Judges and Their Decisions 8
What is being done to reverse this Trend 10
References 11

Statistics In the prison system today, there has been an explosion of minorities being incarcerated for offenses that may not have gotten jail time if they had not been of a certain race. Although the overall numbers of incarcerations may have dropped just slightly for the first time in over 35 years, the amount of inmates
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White Judges and Their Decisions In recent years, the topic of racial inequality has come up. Many people believe that whites are treated better than minorities. This has been a topic that has not gone unnoticed by the public and the media alike. In a recent study of federal racial harassment cases, showed that that when the judge handling the case was African American, plaintiffs lost 54 percent of the time. Yet the plaintiffs lost 81 percent of the time when the judge was Hispanic, 79 percent of the time when the judge was white, and 67 percent of the time when the judge was Asian


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