Bsa 385 Week 4 Paper

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Frequent Shopper Program III Christopher Rose BSA/385 February 28, 2011 Vincent Wesley

The scope of this document is to outline the process and procedures take to ensure the Kudler Fine Foods is in the best position to maintain the Frequent Shopper Rewards program that Smith consulting has put into place. The following document is a tool for Kudler Fine Foods to use to make sure that there is a checks and balances system in place as they move toward expanding the Rewards program and growing their customer base. To complete this task Smith Consulting has compiled a list of criteria to follow based on the
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The metrics should also reflect and monitor defects for each. Last there is a quality self-assessment of all processes and performance. The quality self-assessment is maintained to reflect current performance statistics. The goals for the project revolve around usability and error ratio. First will be the goal that any delivered software will not contain critical or serious defects. Second is on requirements: this shall be detailed as no more than three trivial or one medium defect per 100 lines of code. The third goal will cover the design stage: there is no more than one medium defect per five diagrams. The fourth goal will cover pseudo code: there is no more than two medium defects per 1000 lines. The fifth and final goal will cover all other code: there is no more than two medium defects per 1000 non-commented code line. Testing First Smith Consulting will outline the idea behind the testing phases of implementation. First is to identify the magnitude and sources of development risk reducible by testing. The second idea is to perform testing to reduce identified risk. The third is to know when testing is complete. Last is to manage testing as a standard project within the development project. Testing is the phase where careful attention is on any areas that may be missed. Testing can only verify the product or system and its operation against predetermined