Victoria's Secret

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Group Consumer Analysis: Victoria’s Secret | MKTG 425-101 | Michelle Fox, Tyler Gullivan, Shannon Johnston, Sara Seeger, Colin Watts |

Executive Summary

Victoria’s Secret is one of, if not the most popular women’s lingerie and clothing store in the United States. They are known for their higher priced, sexy, and sometimes promiscuous clothing. Victoria’s Secret has come up with many different innovations after first opening their door, such as a make-up line, body care line, and PINK teenage line. The next logical step is for Victoria’s Secret to create a baby clothing line. The baby clothing line, entitled Baby Secret, would have various types of infant and toddler clothing, and would be classic and simple, yet fashion-forward. A
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Pregnant women and mothers would be likely to buy the clothing while they are in the store shopping for themselves, and young women would be likely to buy the clothing for nieces or friends’ children.
The idea behind the Baby Secret line is to help mothers that shop at Victoria’s Secret. It becomes one stop shopping for them. It is also about the “look”. Young mom’s can go in the PINK section and pick out something cute for themselves as well as something their baby can look cute and possibly match them in. The baby line would include accessories for the mom’s too such as: * Blankets, * Diaper bags, * Teething instruments, * Car seat covers, * Bibs, and * Hair bows for girls.
The idea behind this is to sell to the mom’s. It will be stylish accessories and baby clothes. Initially moms dress their babies in cute clothing because the mom holds the baby. What the baby looks like reflects on person holding it. Creating a sense of style for the mom to carry and show off, the Baby Secret line will be a huge hit.
Short-term goals mostly include advertising. Through the internet, catalogs, magazines, commercials, and word of mouth, advertising would be easy due to the fact that Victoria’s Secret already markets their other lingerie and products in these ways. The costly part about this would be adding new pictures and fonts for the new baby line. More


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