Swarovski Branding Strategies & Products

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SWAROVSKI. Branding for luxury goods
Group G. Members:
Truong Anh Bao Nguyen
Yunkyung Choo
Lilit Nagapetyan

CONTENT: 1 History 2 Concept 3 Brand Strategy 4 Marketing Mix 5 Positioning 6 Services 7 Target Consumer 8 CBBE Pyramid 9 SWOT analysis 10 Competitors 11 Recommendation 12 References


1882 Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956) invents a revolutionary machine that allows crystals to be cut more precisely than with existing manual methods.

1895 Daniel Swarovski founds the company in Wattens, Tyrol, with the vision of bringing joy to people through crystal. His guiding principle is still followed by the company today: “To constantly improve what is good.”

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Swarovski Crystal Palace
Avant-garde lighting and design (chandeliers etc.).
Swarovski Elements
Crystal designs.

Swarovski Gemstone Business
Gemstone designs.
Swarovski Lighting
Swarovski finished lighting products and solutions with crystal for architecture.
A bonded grinding and dressing tools company.
A road safety products specialist.
A crystal chandelier manufacturer.
Touchstone Crystal
Swarovski's direct sales company for ready-made jewelry

All boutiques are beautifully set up and conveniently located in the fashion mall/heart of big 19 metropolitan cities from Dubai, Madrid, Hongkong to New York City over 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Also online website is available with convenient shipping services
100$ to $42,800/item

Promotion is via press, social network (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) as well as via traditional and on-going sponsorship for young talented artists/ designers to use Swarovski crystals in any kinds of their designs in fashion show, film awards, etc. Therefore, the best season to promote Swarovski crystals is during the fashion week (twice a year- January to March and from September to October) and movie/film award ceremonies seasons (October to February)

5. Positioning
Swarovski is positioning itself as a luxury fashion by creating a customer experience to let people know Swarovski’s brand values of innovation and modernity. They would like