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Sephora company research paper
Company overview
Sephora is a French brand and the biggest cosmetics retailer in the world. In 1969, Dominique Mandonnaud built the first Sephora store in French Limoges. He chose an open-sell environment to sell his cosmetics. In his store, customers could experience a totally different shopping journey like visiting and exploring a beautiful cosmetics free land. His special selling model was very popular in that time, and then he opened couple of chain stores. Until now, Sephora still retains this useful and comfortable selling model in stores. In 1994, the cosmetics store used “Sephora” as its name. “Sephora” came from the Greek word “sephos” which means beauty and “Zipporah” which from Moses’ beautify
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Beauty Inside Loyalty program is another promotion for Sephora. This member card is free for all customers and customers can get coupons, discounts and points after they spending the certain money at Sephora, for instance, customers can receive on free deluxe-size product after they spend $100 at Sephora. Customers also can update to the Very Important Beauty Inside card after the card reaching to $350 benchmark. I am the VIB member for Sephora and I can get every point from my each purchase. When the points reach the certain amount, so I can get some free products. Also I got the 20% off discount during the thanksgiving; it is really worth to shop in that time in Sephora. Additionally, Sephora has some promotion on the online store, for example, when customers’ orders over$50, they can get free shipping; customers can get free return; sometimes customers also can get free samples with every order. All these effective promotions increase Sephora’s presence for customers. Price
Sephora is not just focus on the high level customers who can buy expensive beauty products such as Chanel, Dior, YSL, it also targets some other levels customers who can buy moderate or cheaper products. I will take mascara as an example. If you choose Sephora collection mascara, it just cost $12; but if you choose YSL luxurious mascara, it costs $30, or you can choose some moderate price mascara like MAKE UP FOR EVER that costs


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