Passionate Destruction: a Comparison of Wuthering Heights and Twilight

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What makes a person choose a one-sided relationship? Obsession? Love? Why would anyone want to torture themselves knowing that their partner can never truly love them? What is insanity and why is it so popular among the gothic community? Wuthering Heights is a classic gothic novel by English author Emily Brontë. This novel deals with the passionate and ultimately doomed love of Catherine Earnshaw and the gypsy orphan Heathcliff and how their masochistic love destroyed themselves and the lives of the people they touched. On the other hand, there is the Twilight saga by contemporary young adult author, Stephanie Meyer. She brought forth a new kind of vampire who is not destroyed by sunlight but instead is transformed into a mesmerizing …show more content…

While Wuthering Heights has a focus on emotional masochism, Twilight uses both physical and emotional pain to further the self destruction of its characters. Edward, the vampire, falls in love with Bella, the human whose blood sings to him. According to Edward, every vampire has a human or two whose blood they cannot resist and, for him, it is Bella Swan’s that acts like a drug to him. A cocktail of plasma and cells that is specifically designed to make him act like the animal he believes himself to be, but he denies his cravings at a cost. When a vampire in Twilight is hungry their throats get dry, causing a painful burn. This is something the Adonis that is Edward Cullen must face whenever he is with his “la tua cantante”. Edward is not alone in his masochistic ways. Bella inflicts her own emotion self harm when she supposedly falls in love with a vampire who will not turn her and let her remain with him for all of eternity. Later, in New Moon, Edward leaves Bella for her own safety and instead of letting him go, she sinks into an almost zombie-like depression. She is revived by Jacob, but the life she has with him does not last as she finds Edward and leaves Jacob on the sidelines. This doesn’t stop Jacob’s feelings for Bella as he continues to be around her in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The fourth novel in the Twilight saga brings the