Harper Lee

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Harper Lee: Times and Life Research Paper

Harper Lee’s Life Story Have you ever wondered who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird” or who is the author that wrote it? Well I’m here telling you who that author is. The author who made the book is named Nelle Harper Lee but she is just called Harper Lee on the book. This paper is on Harper Lee’s life and times during the 1900’s. She is known from her best-selling book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Even though the book may have some harsh descriptions about the time during which
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Conclusion While researching information about Harper Lee’s times and life, I’ve noticed that what stuck out from her was that she didn’t know or befriend many people but kept mostly to herself. She might have gone to multiple colleges and moved to different cities but still she doesn’t socialize much with other people. The only people she really talked to a lot were Truman Capote, the Browns, and her agents to publish the book. In all though, Harper Lee is still an amazing person even though she is quite different from other women you would have met back in her life.

My Personal Reflections of Harper Lee Since this was a topic that I have not learned anything about yet before starting this research paper, I have learned a lot about Harper Lee’s life and herself. To me she seems like a very anti-social person and likes to have adventures since she moved a lot and went to multiple colleges. I’ve also learned that her real name is Nelle Harper Lee, Harper being her middle


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