Most Significant Change Made to Adrp 6-22 Army Leadership

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SUBJECT: Most significant change made to ADRP 6-22 Army Leadership (AUG 2012) from FM 6-22 Army Leadership (OCT 2006)

1. References:

a. FM 6-22, Army Leadership: Competent, Confident, and Agile, 12 October 2006.

b. ADRP 6-22, Army Leadership, August 2012

2. I do not believe that there is one single significant change made to the Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-22 from the FM 6-22. The FM 6-22 establishes the Army leadership principles that apply to all members of the Army, military and civilian, and outlines the attributes and core leader competencies required of Army leaders. ADRP 6-22 expounds on the principles given in FM 6-22, defines the levels of leadership (direct,
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The impression a leader makes on others contributes to how successful that leader will be. A leader must show that he cares for his Soldiers and share in hardships, dangers, and success.

12. Basics of Army leader’s intellect is based on the leader’s mental ability, sound judgment, innovation, interpersonal tact, and expertise. A leader must be able to rely on these abilities to effectively problem solve and implement concepts and sound plans.

13. Part Three of both the FM 6-22 and ADRP 6-22 are titled COMPETENCY-BASED LEADERSHIP FOR DIRECT THROUGH STRATEGIC LEVELS. Again both of these publications are similar, but ADRP goes into more depth with sections on Builds Trust, Overview of Develops, Developing on the Job, Stewards of the Profession, and Monitoring Performance.

14. Builds trust is a critical ability of an Army leader. Trust enables influence and mission command. When the subordinates of an Army leader exist, it enables the subordinates to naturally accept the influence of the leader, and follow that leader to ensure that the task and mission are completed in a military manner. A leader should promote a climate of trust; each Soldier must be able to trust each other. The Soldier has to rely on the entire team to do their part and complete the mission.

15. Overview of develops emphasizes the importance of an Army leader to leave an organization better than they found it. The leader must create a positive


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