Unit 67: Support Individuals in Their Relationships

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Unit 67: Support Individuals in their Relationships
Unit code: HSC 3019
Unit reference number: R/601/8578
QCF level: 3
Credit value: 4
Guided learning hours: 27
Candidate name: David Hugh Morgan
Candidate number: 1. Understand factors affecting the capacity of individuals to develop and/or maintain relationships 1.1 Analyse reasons why individuals may find it difficult to establish or maintain relationships
There are several factors that come into play here. There may be an issue with the individuals communication needs, it can be difficult to establish a relationship and maintain it if your communication needs cannot be met. I have worked in a setting where a blind Service User has cohabited with a mute
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Each Service User is a different age and has a different disability but have the same level of comprehension and similar communication needs. Some days one Service User is jealous of another because they can go out. Some days there can be anger because of a perceived issue of a Service User getting something extra when they are not. Fear sometimes plays a part, even though the three individual’s have cohabited for more than ten years there are still issues of trust to overcome.
I support the Service Users to interact and try and convey the fact that if they communicate and get on better, they house would be more of a home and everyone would be more relaxed. Most days the task of the support worker is to create diversions. Issues usually stem from a sense of boredom of the environment so we encourage trips out everyday. We do try our best to explain the positives of living together, all pulling together to purchase home items and sharing tasks such as cooking. Unfortunately due to a number of issues it doesn’t always work. 3.2. Support the individual to recognise when a relationship may be detrimental or harmful
I support Service Users who access the local Social Services Activity Centre. Many relationships are formed there away from the support workers that work day-to-day with the Service Users. We do our best however to listen to the Service Users when the come home and hear about their day. Every once in a while we hear stories that are worrying. Mr A


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