Group Theory Final

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SP2750 Group Theory | Power and Influence Theory | Alisha Perkins | Alisha Perkins

1. Which one of the following is not an important characteristic of an effective group?
-Leadership and participation that are distributed to only a few members
2. The theory of group dynamics is
-A North American development of the 20th century
3. To be effective, group members do not need to
-belong to more than one group
4. A group may be defined as a collection of individuals
-Who are trying to satisfy some person need through joint association?
5. Which one of the following is not a defining attribute of a group?
-Unstructured Relationships
6. Social psychologists subscribing to the group orientation believe that
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Her students will likely work together productively only if group members ___ each other.
-Are positively interdependent with
28. You have a new classmate from a fraternity whose members have a reputation of being aggressive and obnoxious. While observing in class, you find him somewhat aggressive. Hence, when he asks for your notes, you vehemently refuse. He soon behaves with you in an obnoxious way. This is best explained by the
- Deutsch’s conflict resolutions theory
29. Wealth, education, and physical dominance are all examples of
30. Two members of you team freely contribute new ideas, two others are less creative but participate actively in discussions, and one presents his ideas aggressively while dismissing the suggestions of others. What action would you take to reach consensus?
-Seek opportunities for compromise, look for ways to blend all team members’ ideas, and reach a wise agreement
31. In a leadership role, which one of the following actions would you not use to maximize productivity and creativity among members of a diverse team?
- Foster a high level of interdependence among team members.
32. Which of the following would not contribute to the success of a newly formed group
-Active participation by one or more team members who oppose the established goals of the team
33. Which one of the following tools would you be least likely use to focus on a group’s issues or problem?


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