Writing a Victimology Report

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Its never easy on anyone when the call is made that somebody has been murdered. For one, the family is mourning over the loss of a relative. But what not many people actually think about is the hard work and process of locating the suspect. An investigator's job is very difficult, trying to find individuals willing to cooperate and give important information and learning everything about the victim would have to be some of the toughest parts of the job. Even if there is a suspect that is captured, there is still work to be done. Some would assume that the presence or proof against a suspect about the crime would be sufficient to prosecute them for the crime, however this is usually wrong. The investigators job isn't done after acquiring …show more content…

From all of these items, a chronological listing of the individuals the victim met or spoke with prior to the murder would be made. Each of these individuals would be interviewed. New leads could easily develop as the victim may have made statements concerning recent events that could lead to them being a victim. Each of these new leads would need to be investigated. After retrieving some more of the personal details of the victim, for example Social Security number or any previous known address, you need to learn more about the victim's education and work background, including any schools he attended or jobs he held. Co-workers and supervisors would be interviewed to determine any lifestyle or financial information that might be relevant. Indicators of financial instability, such as garnishments, draws, and collection calls at work would be investigated. Statements the victim made to his co-workers could shed light on other aspects of the lifestyle the victim enjoyed or not enjoyed. Any adversarial business relationships would be identified and investigated. From the information above, a list of domestic/significant relationships would be built. Some other important information to known about is the victim's general state of physical and mental health. It Would be a good time to write a history of psychological counseling or substance