Historical Roles of Men and Women in Leadership

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While analyzing professions held by men verses those held by women through history, the concept of history that needs to be observed is a vast period of time. For if all or most of known history about humans is not taken into consideration, then much of present day analysis of leadership gender roles might actually start to make sense. The previous sentence was not an error in thought or printing. Much of modern analysis of gender perspectives in leadership and the roles of men and women seem to forget the thousands of years of history and the more recent, evolution of gender equality, which has taken place to get to where we are at present day. The key word is evolution; we are slowly but steadily evolving into a better and more efficient …show more content…
This holds true for most religions, whether they are tribal beliefs and customs or mainstream Christianity. The power of the "church" in a family or a community can be an overbearing influence. This influence can even sway a logical and educated person's thoughts on the ideas of gender leadership equity. These thoughts do not have to sway to keep inequity in place; these thoughts only need to be kept silent through passive influence. Looking into religion and its male dominated influences, a person can start by looking at a currently popular religion of Christianity. As with most religions, Christianity places the foremost control, in a general sense, on the male. The Christian Bible states, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him" (Gen 2:18) and "She shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man" (Gen 2:23). Such firmly engraved statements as these had to originate somewhere for most religions to uphold these and similar ideas. Physical nature is most likely answer for the origin of thoughts like the previous statements. Before there was organized thought and ponderings of religion there was simply survival. With the male being the stronger of the sexes, it would be valid to infer that an ancient or primitive mind would keep this one sided notion thriving through time and evolution. Time has certainly changed the view of women in society and leadership. The deep philosophical thinkers of past and


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