Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows by Fgosal

Where the Red Fern Grows tells about a man named Billy Colman, whose mind drifted away back on his boyhood memories when he got his dogs. The young Billy was a boy who wanted two coon hunting dogs of his own more than anything in the world. He worked very hard by selling wares and saved money to pursue his dreams. After two years, he finally had enough money for two dogs. Billy made a difficult journey to get his dogs. He loved his dogs very much and spent almost a whole time to train his dogs. Eventhough there were many problems came to him and his dogs, they could passed them. This strong bonds between them finally reached the climax when Billy joined the coon hunting championship and won it. In this
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Billy was a persistent with his words. He never gave up pursuing his dream. In fact he chose to work hard instead of coaxing his parents consistently for the money. Billy also showed that a good relationship could be built only with love. He caressed his dogs in order to show how much he loved them. Old Dan and Little Ann also showed their great loyalty in their master. Another good example of the book is that each member of the family especially his Grandpa and father supported his efforts a lot. Above all, Billy and his family, especially his mother was religious. They believed that all happened as what God wished. After watching the movie and reading the book, we could gain a lot of good morals. Both give us a lot of things about good deeds. They showed us about loyalty which most people don’t have. Another is love. Love is the most important in life. It is needed to build good relationships among creatures. Billy and his dogs had this kind of love. Good spirit is another thing that we can learn from both of them. There is nothing impossible if we want to try. Like a passage from the Bible, ‘God helps those who help


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