Reaganomics and Its Effect on Minority Groups

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The most noteworthy component of Ronald Reagan’s two terms as leader of the free world are the laws, regulations, and policies passed under his two terms as President of the United States. These regulations soon became known as “Reaganomics”, a term that is still used today to describe these policies. Hidden underneath the manufactured depiction of Reaganomics policies by mass media lies a controversial observation: these policies may have created a permanent shift in American society which, as a result, disenfranchised minorities since they went into effect over thirty years ago. This particular idea or theory is exceptionally contradictory and has been distorted by not only various media outlets but by subsequent pro-Reaganomics …show more content…

But even more painstakingly, with federal cuts to social programs, the administration was able to afford an extra $206 billion for military expansion. With the promise of increased pay and employment opportunities in the military, a large number of black men enlisted to support their families causing an absence of black fathers in black households and thus compromising the structural fabric of Black American family life by leaving children to be cared for in single family households.
According to recent census, minority families are “no better off” than they were in 1980. However, white families gained disposable income after the inflation adjustment, but the disposable income in black families decreased by more than 2 percent. Reagan also falsified many facts in order to justify his budgets cuts to social welfare programs. The most famous occurrence was when he addressed an alleged “welfare queen”. Reagan would often state that this “welfare queen”, whom allegedly resided in Chicago, drove a Cadillac and cheated the government out of $150,000 “using 80 aliases, 30 addresses, a dozen social security cards and four fictional dead husbands”. Reagan’s fictional welfare queen could easily be interpreted as a racially charged comment aimed towards impoverished black women in urban areas who seek financial assistance from the government. Predictably, after extensive searches for this “welfare queen” was conducted by journalists, it was soon


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