African Americans Discrimination

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Discrimination and Poverty in African Americans

Discrimination and poverty are problems that many are currently facing in the United States. African Americans in particular are the most affected by discrimination and poverty. Currently the economic status of African Americans in the United States is 56 percent of that of Whites when comparing income, unemployment, homeownership, business ownership, median net worth and poverty rates. As Malcolm Gladwell discusses in “Black Like Them” (1996) African Americans are seen as lazy people and they are therefore blamed for their own fate. This research investigates if discrimination reduces job and educational opportunities for African Americans. It was found that African Americans
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Haven't we been there done that? Poverty is not new and African American disadvantage is sadly not new either.” Schumer also said that “Overt and subtle racism, falling schools, incarceration rates, and dysfunctional families are a complex interplay of the disadvantages many Blacks face”. Schumer stated that these disadvantages that Blacks face have created “steeplechase of barriers” for urban African American men (“Plight Deepens for Black Men”, 2006).

Discrimination in Education

African Americans have been blamed for their high rate of unemployment because many have failed to prepare themselves to compete in today’s technological society. It was estimated that 44 percent of all African American males are illiterate. Research has shown that African American men have less incentive than White men to acquire education (Staples, 1987). This is possibly one of the reasons why African Americans are not doing as well as Whites economically, but discrimination has definitely also played Its role. A gap in educational achievement between African Americans and Whites has always been apparent even in kindergarten young students. Classroom discrimination has negatively affected the achievements and self-concepts of young African American elementary and secondary school children (Kamin, 1998). This academic achievement gap between African Americans and whites persists through their postsecondary


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