Book Summary - the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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Book Summary ‘The Four Agreements’
“Do not be concerned about the future; keep your attention on today, and stay in the present moment. Just live one day at a time. Always do your best to keep these agreements, and soon it will be easy for you. Today is the beginning of a new dream.”
-Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements is a guide for those whom seek improvement in their personal life. The book was written by Don Miguel Ruiz whose ideas come from the ancient Toltec wisdom of the Native people of Southern Mexico. Toltec people were well known as ‘people of knowledge’. They were artists and scientist who created a society to explore and conserve the traditional spiritual knowledge and practices of their ancestors. The Toltec saw no
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If I’m doing my best to live the first agreement, then I should not let myself feel pain or spiteful emotions when someone shares their opinions with actions. I’m beginning to see the world different when I have this agreement on mind at all times. It helps me avoid my loss of inspiration, kindness, love, ambition, and prosperity when others say or do something. I see it as a repellent to bullying in society. If we teach the world this valuable agreement to not take anything personal, malicious people would lose the fuel for their actions since their results would be miniscule and unexpected. I can now gain confidence and love for myself when placing this agreement in action every day. Drama, misunderstandings, confusion, sadness and much more can all be avoided when the third agreement, shared by Don Miguel Ruiz, is put into action. When learning the third agreement, I found myself reflecting on what Jorge taught us in the Basic workshop. He kept teaching us on how our “comite” works and how we act on it. We have this way of living where we unconsciously start making assumptions about people and things around us. We do it in our life’s relationships, our job, with our children, and even with strangers who we have yet to meet. My knowledge on this principle has expanded more upon my reflection from the Basic. Making assumptions is creating false reality. When we assume the purpose for