The Mass Media in China

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LS22442 Mass Media Tutorial Weeks 4 and 5


The Mass Media in China
Read the text (translation) paras. 1-38 for Week 4, before your tutorial; watch the first half of the documentary in class, then answer the questions at end.
First anniversary of China’s entry to WTO (2002) RTHK: Impact on the media
Ru shi yi zhou nian(入世一周年) HC427.95 .R83 2003 (local tv) Vol.2 RTHK
Soundtrack: mainly Cantonese, some Putonghua (with Chinese subtitles), some English

Introduction (Trans. D.B. Hunter)
Recent years have seen rapid development in China’s mass media sector with a progressive shift in balance from government control to commercialization and responsiveness to markets. To cope with market demand and the challenge posed by competition
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any media activity has to pay equal attention to both these aspects. This is extremely significant in terms of the nature and development of the media in China.

14. Since the year 2000, when the Chinese media embarked on the separation between government and business, and the ensuing financial reforms, television stations across China have been reorganising themselves into a variety of conglomerates and operating modes. The Hunan Broadcasting Television group is the first such media group in China. Since it has had to adapt to the market, it has also taken on a new look.

15. This is the third Golden Phoenix Television Arts Festival ceremony being held in Changsha, Hunan province. Not only is there fierce competition here, the festival serves as a yardstick against which the creativity of the competing organizations can be measured. as every day for five days there is a huge evening show with all sorts of live broadcasts.

16. This Festival, to a very great extent, is a mass participation festival in that viewers vote for the performances they like best. So this helps boost our all round standards and is a great help in raising the standards of our producers. Once we know what programmes the viewers like, then those are the kinds of programmes we have to make.

17. General Director Wang is rigorously putting all the new acts through their paces for the brand new competition with the hope that the pace and content of the


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