Mass Media and Pop Culture

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Mass Media and Popular American Culture

Mass Media and Popular American Culture Group Paper

There are many different factors that make up our culture today. Mass media is a creator of our culture today. Relationships between media, advertising and the formation of normative cultural values are all contributors to our culture today. The internet and globalization have also played a huge role in our culture; all of which have their own meanings, but ultimately build our culture.
Mass media is a plays a big part in the enculturation of society. Humans have always lived in a world of communication. Media dominates and demands people’s attention. One real life example of the impact media has had on our culture is the 1963 Kennedy
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The advertising is subtle and starts slow but works its way in to our culture sometimes slowly. You can see it from the beginning of the rap and hip-hop culture. It started out very small a couple of artists and a few fans. The vision caught on slowly and the culture stayed in the urban arias where it originated. Over time the music made its way to the mainstream radio, and moved from an inner-city culture to the suburbs, and then into the rural areas. This example is particularly potent because it was so obvious when it came to my home town of Casper, WY. There were no gangs or any sort of inner-city culture in my little town of 60,000 people until the music entered mainstream music, video, and movies.
The internet has brought the world a fast and easy way to receive information from one another. For the most part, if a person does not know something, they are quick to search the internet. The internet isn't only an excellent source to research information, but it can be a great way to access local and world news. The internet exists across the entire planet, so the new ranges from the United States to China! The information is usually reliable if you’re using the correct techniques in searching the internet. The thing to remember is the data is should be dated and referenced and the references are reliable sources also.
The internet is so referred to as the "web". The web is also an easy way to post information quickly. By creating a forum for posting of


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