The Life of Louis Armstrong

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The Life of Louis Armstrong

He was known as the greatest of all jazz musicians. He defined what it really was to play genuine jazz music and taught the world to swing. He included joy, spontaneity, and amazing technical abilities. Louis Armstrong was a genius when it came to his inventive musical ability. In this paper, I will tell you about who Armstrong was, his early childhood, accomplishments, and his living legacy. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana which is famously known as the birth place of jazz. Armstrong was born into a very poor family in a rough area in New Orleans. His father was a factory worker who abandoned the family soon after Armstrong was born. Consequently, he was raised by his
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1931 was also the year that he
In 1938 Louis met Alpha, who was a young fan of his from Chicago, and later became his third wife. The two met while he was on tour, and still married to Lil, but he quickly divorced her to marry Alpha. Unfortunately this was Armstrong's shortest marriage, only lasting four years. On a good note, he married his fourth wife Lucille Wilson. Luckily, he finally met his match because Lucille turned out to be the love of his life and they stayed together until his death. (Giddins, 98) In Armstrong's early years he was mainly known for his skills with the cornet and the trumpet. Some of his early music can be heard on his Hot Five and Hot Seven records. Armstrong took some chances in his music, taking some pop songs and making them more interesting and wonderful for the listener to hear. Armstrong's playing is filled with joyous, inspired original melodies, creative leaps, and subtle relaxed or driving rhythms. These things made his music different than the ordinary and made him the legend he has become. The genius of these creative passages is matched by Armstrong's playing technique, constant practice, which extended the range, tone and capabilities of the trumpet. Jazz music was once a group collaboration but Armstrong changed that; he was a solo artist and


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