Music and Its Influence on 20th Century American History

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Music and its Influence on 20th Century American History With the start of the 20th century music began to play a huge part in the rapidly maturing United States. Music of the 20th century was not only there to entertain the people but it was more. It was now used to influence and manipulate the listeners. Artists had a goal to entertain and to enlighten the listener so that they could get their messages heard. Music is one of the best ways to advertise and to expand ideas, and many artists knew this. Music rapidly influenced everyday American life. It was in their homes, cars, bars, theaters, movies, elevators and countless other places. Music was everywhere it defined what every American loved and worked for, it gave people hope and …show more content…

Many teens in the United States at this time loved it because they could relate to what the songs were saying, although this sounds like an improvement on society, some people believed it brought out the worst in people. Parents of the children often thought it gave ideas of rebellion and sin. Later in the century rock really started to have a rebellious theme, it gave American teens incentive to disobey their parents, schools and any authority in general. It was often debated that the Rock n Roll contributed to juvenile delinquency, protest, and wide spread drug use. With the idea that rock was bad, it was in the beginning struggling for popularity, but new artists were the answer to the problem. One person named Elvis Presley was a huge influence on rock. His radical dancing shocked and amazed everyone; instantaneously people were in love with his music, attitude and view on life. At the arrival of rock and musicians like Elvis Presley the American people were changed forever.
The 1960’s were very turbulent with Rock n Roll there the whole time supporting the protesting, outrages and violence. The War in Vietnam, women’s rights, and Black rights were all big issues in the 60’s. The people had a new spirit at this time, they were very liberal and did not stay quiet, when they felt they had to speak their mind they did. Rock music was the key element that gave the protesting Americans a way to speak out against the


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