The Good Girl

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Jessenia Aguilar
English 1A

Critical Analysis of Sharon Slaton's "The Good Girl"

The essay "The Good Girl" by Sharon Slayton disscuses how you can become obsessed to pleasing the society around you and forget about your desires. Slayton uses her own personal obsession of being "good" to please her parents believing that thats what she wanted. Slayton believes that her obsession of being good and pleasing others have helped her become a person that knows how to accomplish goals that she sets for herself. Slayton had a meantality of showing her parents she "could do anything and do it well." Although she may believe that her obsession to pleasing society has had a positive out turn on her future. I believe that Slayton
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For example she says " she began to lose motivation to excel...I began to lose intrest in my business lacking drive to devote business success meant little." This shows how after realizing she wasn't doing thing fir her self she had no drivebto keep going. This shows how Slayton's lack of joy to her own life could lead her to failing in life. I believe that after she realized that she didn't want to be succesful her mind shut down. Although she say " I have tested my limits and know I could do it all....I have been given the strength...confront the future." I believe that unless she really wants it she can accomplish it but if she wants to do it for other she will lack the ability to do iy all like she has before. After reading " The Good Girl" i have learned that society has a great impact on who we are and who we become as we grow older. I also learned thar we are the ones responsible for our actions and who we choose to be or listen to. For example i took the choice to never excel in reading and now I struggle and slayton took the choice of being influenced by her suroundings and became someone she is not. Have also learned that once you find out you are not doing something for your self you lack thrive to keep going. I belive that society should stop putting pressure on us to become someone we are not and let us be our own person. Our society is creating images on which we should follow which will create conflict


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