Sb-1070 Media Reaction

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Media Reaction on SB-1070
Pedro A Viorato
September 22, 2011
Susan Sureby

Media Reaction on Immigration
Immigration issues are not issues only encountered here in the United States, but are also issues faced throughout the world. There have been numerous of debates on the issues of immigration in the United States. The most controversial was the passing of a new bill in Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer passed into Arizona legislature the SB1070, which became very controversial because of the demands that this law was enforcing. This controversial bill gives any Arizona law enforcement personnel full authority to stop any people who they think have reasonable suspicion of living in the United States illegally. It also gives
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Many people would be scared to live in that state where those laws exist. When this law was first presented to Arizona’s legislature it scared many illegal immigrants. Many of them would not even go to work or even go in public. Laws like the SB-1070 may produce many jobs being lost, not to include the people leaving Arizona State leaving most of the un-wanted jobs that Americans would not do. Immigrants also spend millions of dollars every year, which helps the growth of our economy and it also helps create new jobs throughout the country. The state of Arizona would be in loss of those extra revenue of income taxes they would get each year from those undocumented immigrants paying their taxes.
If I was a manager at the time that Arizona SB-1070 took effect it would take some initiative to talk to my employees about the issues presented in the new law implemented. In order for my employees not to feel excluded would inform them not to be scared and to continue forward with their daily lives. I would inform them of the key parts of the bill that were stopped giving them a chance to carry on with their lives without having to live in fear.

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