Empire Notes

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Niall Ferguson

Introduction * To the British, as to people in the rest of the world, imperialism's golden age is now considered a stain on human history, an era of slavery and racism and the plunder of native lands and peoples. The notion that imperialism is inherently evil, and that no empire can be a good empire, is an axiom in today's geopolitics. * Examines the British Empire from an economic perspective, controversially concluding that the British Empire was, on balance, a good thing * Globalisation is the biggest thing that Ferguson thanks the British for * English language and ties to London made it possible * The Leftist opponents of globalisation naturally regard it as no more than the latest manifestation
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* They'd invested in American-made Maxim guns, the world's first portable machine guns, huge death-machines that fired 500 rounds per minute and completely devastated native armies. * How did the empire manage to persuade Arabs to fight on the British side in World War I, stymieing German efforts to


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