The Case: No Dogs Allowed

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The Case: No Dogs Allowed

1. What economic questions does this case require the townb to ask? What is a dog park and how does it benefit the community? Can people or dogs get hurt at a dog park? How will dogs fight be avoided? If a dog park is built, will there be space available for an affordable recreation facility?
2. List the possible resources that the town would need to construct and maintain the park? Some possible resources that are needed to construct and manitain the dog park are:
Secured fences to prevent loose dogs outside of the park area
Trash cans and garbage removal material and equipment needed to clear the lan grass and lawn maintenance
Fresh drinking water and field drainage system
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Developers want to purchase the land for $850, 000 to build 40 new luxury townhouses. After considering both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that a dog park should be constructed.

The town of Martinsville has already added many new multi-family housing and these dwelling have very limited outdoor space. A national pet store chain is willing to give a grant to the town to partially fund the park and with the town's budget surplus the cost of construction of the park will be covered, but a developer wishes to purchase the land to add more townhouses. The opprtunity cost will benefit the town in keeping them from using any of their resources, but the trade-off in this would be adding too many families yet again with limited space of their own, and some of these new families will have pets. Then, even more families will be complaining about space scarcity, therefore I disagree in building 40 new luxury townhouses on this particular land. All of the public spaces are not completely gone and developers can research other options.

Families with pets have no outdoor space for their pets to play or exercise. There is only one local park in the area where no pets are allowed. A dog park can be a great addition to almost any community. First, it provides dogs with a chance to excercise


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