Armed and Dangerous

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Armed and Dangerous

For the purpose of this class, you asked us to read the book Armed and Dangerous: Memoirs of a Chicago Policewoman by Gina Gallo. I’ll be honest and admit that at first the book didn’t sound all too appealing, but it turned out to be an interesting and enjoyable read. Many of the chapters were highly interesting, taking an inside look at the duties of a Chicago police officer. Chapters dealt with illegal drugs, shady characters, brutal crimes, and other situations that police are part of every day. Gallo’s recollection of events is far more dramatic that that of other officers, but that is probably why the book was so enjoyable. Throughout the book the author takes readers on a roller coaster ride of
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The officers who were involved in illegal activity and simply went too far in many situations did so because they were mentally unfit and apathetic towards people and sometimes even the law. A good of example of this would be when Vince, Gina’s partner at the time, decides to confront a few kids who are spray painting a building and decides to shoot off a round while yelling and screaming orders. He eventually forces the kids to spray paint a car owned by gang members with obscene slogans. The officer’s demeanor was hostile and he used his authority in a less than correct way. This situation shows how the role of a senior officer has changed to more drastic and illegal activity instead of taking the lawful courses of action. Lastly, officers who disrespect or treat others unfairly will create a riff between groups and races. This is why cops are viewed more negatively than positively in certain geographic locations because there is unequal justice being served and those with bad character are slipping through the system. As the reader, you know that officers encounter certain situations that most people never have to see in their lifetime, but Gallo is so descriptive and detailed that you are able to visually grasp her stories. A great example of this would be the tragic ending of the book where Gallo was nearly beaten to death with a bat by a suspect. She draws the reader in with such vivid and even graceful dialogue as she describes her feelings and


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