Conflict Diamonds

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Attempt Any Two Of the following ( 60 Marks - 30 Marks each ) | | Case 1 | Conflict Diamonds | | | During the late 1990s South African diamond product De Beers and other companies on the diamond industry discovered that some of the diamonds they were buying or selling came from groups who used the proceeds to finance brutal civil wars. In Sierra Leone, rebels took control of diamond mines by systematically chopping off the arms and hands of as many as 20,000 children, women and men until the diamond operations were turned over to them. Similarly events took place at diamond mines in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. About 4 million civilians have died in the civil wars financed by the diamonds. Anxious to avoid a …show more content…

But that rule, too, was attacked. In the end, FTC officials went back to their original rule “all or virtually all (98 percent) of the components and labor are of US origin. New Balance can now no longer use the label. | | Q 2a) | Was New Balances’ use of “Made in USA" deceptive advertising? | | Q 2b) | In your view should New Balance have been allowed to use the label? Why? | | | | | Case 3 | Swingline Moves | | | In 1925, a Ukrainian immigrant who had invented an easy to use stapler opened a factory on Long Island and called his new stapler company Swingline. IN 1999, when it was a much larger company Swingline fired 450 of its Long Island workers and closed the factory to move its operations to Mexico. “They pulled the rug right out from under me,” said one fired worker. In 1994 when NAFTA broke down the trade walls between the United States and Mexico, many companies like Swingline had begun thinking about moving to Mexico to exploit its cheap labor. Swingline told its Long Island workers it had to cut their $14 million payroll down to $2Million or it might have to close the factory. Although it cut wages, the company moved to Mexico anyway, where the low cost of labor and the close proximity to the Unites States would help its bottom-line. The fired US workers received a total of 18 months of unemployment, but about half of


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