George Zimmerman Trial

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State of Florida v. George Zimmerman

Our group chose to do the highly debatable case regarding George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Based on the various parts from group members, it would seem we have both sides of the case so there will be discussion from either point of view. Our paper is not going to sway the reader in either direction, but simply state the facts for each side and give an overview of the case from our perspective.

Within the last year, our country has seen one of the most high-profile murder cases unfold. This case is none other than the State of Florida v. George Zimmerman, for the charges of second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin. It took the State roughly two weeks to file an affidavit
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Even with those petitions does it even mean that Zimmerman was even profiling Martin because he was a black kid with hoody. Martin was wearing the famous hoody and walling through a community that was not close to his what would many people think from seeing this walking through your neighborhood. Many of us know there is the double jeopardy law that makes it so Zimmerman cannot be charged with the charges that he was recently found not guilty of and in that trail the discussed the whole if this was because of Martins race. But one clue I see that can be hard to prove that Zimmerman knew he was black because it was dark and he was wearing a hoody over his head so he did not follow him because of his skin color. “Yet how, exactly, would the federal government prove Zimmerman’s motivation? Testimony from a former co-worker who claims that Zimmerman made racist, anti-Arab comments on the job would likely not be admissible. Zimmerman’s possible racial slur on the tape of his conversation with the 911 operator while following Martin (arguably, “coon”) might conceivably be admitted as probative. But a single phrase that is difficult to interpret on the tape is unlikely to be enough to convince a jury that Martin’s race was the cause for the attack. Even if a jury accepted that Zimmerman suspected Martin and pursued him because of his race, the


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