3.08 Critical Thinking Questions . Parenting Skills

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1. Explain the different forms of child abuse? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. The different forms of child abuse are , Physical Abuse , Emotional Abuse , Sexual Abuse , and Neglect. Physical abuse is violence directed toward a child by a parent or other adult caregiver. Emotional abuse is when a caregiver causes the child to feel worthless and rejected . Sexual abuse towards a child may be in a verbal way , leading to physical contact with the child. Finally , Neglect is when the parent or caregiver fails to care for their child's basic physical , emotional , disciplinary , and/or educational needs. Shaken Baby Syndrome is when an individual shakes a child violently over a period of time leading to
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A nurturing parent will always treat their child according to their needs , focusing their attention whenever possible. Building a loving and caring relationship with their child, listening & allowing their child to express themselves. 4. List and explain factors that lead to poor relationships and that increase the risk of child abuse. Factors that lead to poor relationships and that increase the risk of child abuse may be , Latchkey children, Marital strife and divorce , Substance abuse , HIV/AIDS , or Death. Latchkey children are left alone without adult supervision which can lead to fear and anxiety . Marital strife and divorce may lead to conflict in the home resulting to high level of stress and failure academically and socially . Substance abuse may hinder a parents self-control resulting in a parent who becomes irresponsible and a non-nurturing parents. HIV/AIDS can devastate a family , resulting in a child losing both parents making the child a orphan , It may also cause financial strain on a family . Death can make a child doubt their safety in a normal day to day basis . 5. Why is it critical for a parent to be involved in their children’s education? It is critical for a parent to be involved in their children education . Mainly because kids need motivation , parents want their children to be successful in life. Parents should also be cautious on what they do around their