The Australian Beer Industry

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Nick Mish
1952 Petten Street
Brisbane QLD 4000 25 August 2012
Mr R. Murray
Level 7, 68 York St

Dear Mr R. Murray

As per your request I am submitting to you the attached report analysing XXXX Gold Beer in the Australian beer industry titled ‘XXXX Gold in the Australian Beer Industry’, due on the 3 October 2012.

The purpose of this report is to inform you of the company background, product attributes, promotional strategies including target market and marketing mix along with the pricing strategies for XXXX Gold Beer.

Our investigations suggest that XXXX Beer has good market share in the current Australian beer market. However, as outlined in the report falling consumption levels and
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PRODUCT STRATEGY 4 3.1 Product Type and marketing mix 4 3.2 Positioning strategy 4 3.3 Product type 5
4. PROMOTION STRATEGY 5 4.1 Promotional tools 5 4.2 Advantages and disadvantages 6
5. PRICING STRATEGY 6 5.1 Pricing objective and strategy 6 5.2 Perceptual map 7
6.1 Adjustments to better suit the market 8
7. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 7.1 Conclusion 9 7.2 Recommendation 9
References 10

1. Introduction 1.1 Authorisation and purpose
This report has been authorised by Mr R Murray CEO of Lion Pty Ltd. The purpose of this report is to provide information on the product XXXX Gold Beer in today’s market. The report includes information on the product, promotion, and pricing to assist with future product development and increase of market share.

1.2 Limitations
Information over load has been a dominant limitation with an overwhelming amount of information on the Australian alcohol industry. This information has provided a variety of data in some cases resulting in inconsistency within that data. Limitations also came from historical research within the beer industry trying to gather information on dates that related to these products resulting in difficulty with the


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